Our nation, currently experiencing an economic boom with an energy demand that is constantly growing, responds to the climate and energy crisis affecting our planet, with a proactive energy efficiency and renewable energies policy.

Energy Challenges

In Morocco, more than 95% of the electricity is produced using imported fossil fuels. The energy bill increased from 21 to 71 billion dirhams from 2003 to 2008 and the demand for energy continues to grow at a pace of 6% per year.  Furthermore, we are witnessing a steady deterioration of the environment resulting from escalating greenhouse gas emissions...

Increase the profitability of our clients by offering them turnkey solutions to reduce their energy expenses and position them as responsible players engaged in the protection of the environment.

By adhering to this global strategy, Moroccan companies have everything to gain. Reducing their energy bills translates into improved profitability through effective cost cutting. It also enhances their image and value by integrating sustainable development in their corporate strategy.

Saving energy ... simply means savings. It also means reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and protecting the environment. RIO’s business is to help its clients achieve this dual objective. Industrial properties, commercial and government buildings, hotels, hospitals, agricultural fields...
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