Founded in 2006, Reduce Invent Optimize (RIO) is the first Moroccan startup specialized in the engineering, design and installation of projects related to water, electricity, compressed air, and fuel savings. RIO addresses the needs of a variety of sectors (industry, agriculture, office and commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, and transportation). RIO
  • RIO acts as an independent third party consultant for the measurement and verification of the results of energy efficiency projects using its EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization) certification for the IPMVP (International Performance and Measurement Verification Protocol).
  • For new or buildings/sites under renovation, RIO offers its expertise in eco-design and energy assessment studies, including the renewable energies feasibility studies.
  • RIO assists its clients on the communication aspects of their strategy by highlighting their sustainable development actions (energy efficiency plans, renewable energy initiatives, carbon footprint measurement …) combining profitability and environmental protection.
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